Singapore has a lot to offer as far as lotteries are concerned. The 4D and Toto are very popular, but so is the Singapore Sweep. Another entry in the portfolio of Singapore Pools, Singapore Sweep impresses with the significant number of tickets issued and the exciting prize that players can put their hands on.

Today, we’ll take a look at the most prominent Singapore Pool Sweep characteristics and the reasons why this raffle-style game is worth a try.

What Is Singapore Sweep?

Singapore Sweep is a raffle-style lottery and one of the oldest entries in the portfolio of Singapore Pools. The drawings take place every first Wednesday of the month and 3.5 million tickets are distributed for each. The cost of a single entry is three dollars.

The history of Singapore Sweep began in 1969, and at the time, the game was also known as Singapore Pools Big Sweep. Initially, the game was envisioned as an option for generating enough funds for the construction of the national stadium.

Back then, the cost of a ticket was one dollar, and the first prize was 400,000 dollars. Over the years, this has changed. While tickets are more expensive today, the amount that can be won by players has also increased.

After a short halt, the game was relaunched in 1998. The prize structure was changed to give players more opportunities to win. A premium prize worth at least 200,000 dollars was introduced. In 2004, the first prize was set at the spectacular two million dollars. As of today, this sum has been updated once again to reach 2.3 million dollars.

How Do You Play Sweep

Sweep Singapore is relatively easy to play because it’s a raffle rather than a standard lottery in which you have to pick numbers.

To participate, you will only have to wait for the tickets to be released. Buy your ticket for three dollars and wait for the drawing during which the Singapore Sweep results will be announced. Tickets can be acquired at the authorized Singapore Pools outlets, as well as from all licensed retailers.

A recent announcement from Singapore Pools has come to suggest that players could expect Singapore Sweep surprises in 2018. The year marks the organization’s 50th anniversary. As a result, additional prizes and special drawings may be announced. Singapore Sweep fans should pay attention to announcements and test their luck in these special events.

What Are the Odds of Winning?

Since there are no numbers that players choose among, the odds of winning are based on the number of available tickets and the manner in which the prizes are determined.

The odds of claiming the jackpot, first, second, third and lucky prizes are all the same – 1 in 3,500,000. The odds of claiming the gift prize are 1 in 116,667. There’s also a consolation prize (1 in 116,667), a participation prize (1 in 70,000) and multiple additional prizes that feature odds of 1 in 11.

How Much Can You Win with Singapore Sweep?

Now that we’ve gotten the odds out of the way let’s examine a few more intriguing numbers. These are the prize amounts.

As already mentioned, the top Singapore Pools prize is 2.3 million dollars. Only one ticket holder can claim the amount per drawing.

The second prize is also one, and the amount is 500,000 dollars. The third prize is 250,000 dollars, and the so-called jackpot is 10,000 dollars.

The lucky prize (10 of these are distributed per drawing) is 5,000 dollars. The gift prize (30 of them) is 3,000 dollars, and the consolation prize (30 per drawing) is 2,000 dollars. There’s also a participation prize of 1,000 dollars that’s handed out to 50 tickets.

For players who match the last two digits (2D Delight), the prize is modest – six dollars. This lowest prize will be handed out to 315,000 tickets.

Where to Find the Sweep Results Singapore?

You will be impatient to find out if you’ve won something after the Singapore Sweep drawing has taken place.

The Singapore Sweep latest results are available on the Singapore Pools official website. Players can also subscribe to receive this information as soon as it becomes available so that they’ll never miss a new announcement.

Various websites are also available to check the latest Singapore Sweep result.

Can Foreign Players Buy Singapore Sweep Tickets?

The nature of the raffle itself has kept Singapore Pools from launching digital tickets. Thus, a person needs to be physically in Singapore to test their luck.

There are no restrictions as far as the nationality of players goes. Anyone who is on the territory of Singapore and who can spare three dollars can acquire a Singapore Sweep ticket.

International players will only have to keep in mind that they’ll eventually have to pay an income tax in their country of origin upon winning a more significant amount.

Are Singapore Sweep Prizes Taxed?

That’s a big and important question. If you’re a lottery enthusiast, you know that sums in some of the world’s biggest games are significantly reduced through the application of the own tax.

There’s no need to worry about the sum you’ll claim after winning Singapore Sweep.

Singapore does not impose taxes on the lottery, sweepstake, and sports betting prizes. The sum that’s being advertised is the exact amount that the player is going to receive.

Prize Claiming Overview

Players who have won from Sweep Singapore are given 180 days from the date of the drawing to make a prize claim.

For sums of up to 5,000 dollars, players can make a withdrawal request at any Singapore Pool branch.

For sums that exceed 5,000 dollars, players will need to go to the Singapore Pools main branch to collect their cheque. The ticket and a photo ID will be needed to confirm the identity of the winner.

Curious Facts about Singapore Sweep: The Artfulness of the Ticket

If you have ever bought a Singapore Sweep ticket, you may have been impressed by its beautiful appearance. The aim of the design isn’t to please your eye. Instead, Singapore Pools is attempting to showcase local artists and talented individuals.

Every Singapore Sweep ticket is created to highlight a masterpiece by local talent. Both photographers and painters have their work featured on the lucky little pieces of paper. Also, the images are chosen to be representative of the local culture and traditions.

Sweep tickets are launched with a specific theme, and the theme may change occasionally. There have been a series showcasing the nature of Singapore, the deliciousness of the local food, architecture, and folklore.

The next time you get your ticket, do pay attention to the image printed on it. You may learn something new or get a reminder of a forgotten fact.

Singapore Sweep Controversies?

Just like other lotteries and raffles throughout the world, Singapore Sweep has seen its fair share of controversies through the years.

One of the most notorious cases is from August 2015.

When the Singapore Sweep results for the monthly drawing were announced, it became clear that a maid from the Philippines was the big winner who took home 2.3 million dollars. The joy was great, and she revealed information that a large sum would go back to her children in the Philippines.

As endearing as the story may seem, it soon became clear that specific allegations were being made against the maid. Eventually, the police contacted the lucky winner because they were informed she had stolen the ticket.

According to the woman, she was the one to buy the ticket. She even provided police officers with her bank account details. Investigators went to the venue where the ticket was allegedly purchased. While it did have cameras, the recording for the respective day was erased.

Eventually, the maid was cleared of all charges a few months later. Still, she did endure a painful process. While the investigation was lasting, the maid had her bank account completely frozen. By the time, she had been working in Singapore for 14 years, and her employer even came forward to testify about the lady’s honesty and integrity.

This isn’t the only migrant to claim the millions. In September 2017, an Indian migrant worker scooped the top prize of 2.3 million dollars.

While Singapore Sweep does not offer as many prizes as the two local lotteries, it is still highly beloved. So many people have created a ritual of getting their monthly ticket and eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Singapore Sweep latest results. While the odds of claiming the top prizes are not the best ones out there, Singapore Pools Big Sweep is still worth a try. Who knows, this may be your chance to turn your life around. The best way to find out is to participate in one of the next drawings.

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