How to Buy Sweep Tickets in Singapore

Singapore Sweep is the oldest and most popular sweepstake in the history of Singapore. A primary entry in the portfolio of Singapore Pools, it has persisted through the years to make many lucky people a little bit richer (and sometimes – a lot!).

For each draw, there are 3.5 million sets of seven-digit numbers. The cost of a single Sweep ticket is three dollars, but players are free to purchase much more than just one entry.

Through the years, there have been a few changes in the Singapore Sweep mechanism and the manner in which players can get their tickets. Initially, tickets cost solely one dollar, but the top prize was also quite low – only 400,000 dollars. With time, the popularity of Singapore Sweep grew. The ticket price went up to three dollars, but the top prize also experienced a huge increase. Today, it is set at 2.3 million dollars.

If you’re interested in this game, but you don’t have a lot of experience, the following guide will acquaint you with the most important things to know when you decide to buy Sweep tickets Singapore.

What Is a Sweep Ticket?

Before moving on to buying tickets, let’s examine the way in which Singapore Sweep differs from the national lotteries.

For a star, it’s a sweepstake. This means that players don’t get to choose their numbers. Instead, they will acquire raffle-style tickets that already have numbers printed on them.

Singapore Sweep drawings occur every first Wednesday of the month. If a ticket number matches one of the 133 seven-digit numbers drawn for the specific prize tiers, you will win the respective amount.

Now let’s examine the question of where to buy Sweep tickets.

Buying Singapore Sweep Tickets from Licensed Vendors

To get your Sweep tickets Singapore, you will have to visit one of the Singapore Pools authorized and licensed retail venues.

If you need more information about the availability and the addresses of these locations, you can check out the detailed official table available through the Singapore Pools website.

To get a ticket, you will have to tell the customer service rep at the counter how many boards you want. If you want a single board, you will be getting one seven-digit sweepstake entry that will cost you three dollars.

There are a few customization possibilities you can test out when buying Sweep tickets. All of these are pretty brand new – they were only announced in July 2018. Hence, many players are still unaware of the Sweep customization options that Singapore Pools has made available.

Instead of going for an entirely randomly generated ticket, you can tell the customer service rep the first digit that you’d like your seven-digit number to feature. You will get a Singapore Sweep ticket that starts with the selected digit, and that also features a random combination of six more numbers.

You can also pick the last four digits of the ticket.

The final ticket acquisition option is called 100 Numbers. When you request this possibility, you will be asking for 100 sets of numbers in a running sequence. The last two digits from 00 to 99 will be designated by RR on the ticket. Apparently, this possibility gives you more combinations and better odds of winning.

The Singapore Sweep lottery ticket price will be determined by the specifics of the selection and the number of combinations. If you don’t have a large budget to spend on ticket buying, ask about the cost of each option at the counter in advance.

Ticket sales occur every day (according to the respective venue’s work schedule). On the days of the drawing, Singapore Sweep ticket sales end at about 6 p.m. so that all of the entries can be completed before the lucky digits are chosen.

Singapore Sweep and 4D Ticket Combinations

Singapore Sweep has made it possible for players to acquire combined tickets.

These combined tickets feature two games – Singapore Sweep and 4D.

If you want to activate this option, you will have to tell the customer service rep. When you do, you will be assigned a Singapore Sweep seven-digit combination, and you will also get to choose your 4D number in the range from 0000 to 9999. Alternatively, you can opt for lucky pick and have the 4D number randomly generated.

The Sweep ticket results will be announced independently of the 4D drawing because the two games are still taking place independently from each other.

Can You Buy a Singapore Sweep Ticket Online?

If you are familiar with the Singapore Pools games, you know that the entity enables several ticket buying methods. All standard lotteries can be played online, and you can also get your tickets by phone.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for Singapore Sweep.

At the time being, there’s no option to buy a Singapore Sweep ticket online.

There have been no announcements regardless of the eventual availability of the sweepstake for online ticket buying. Currently, you need to be on the territory of Singapore to get your ticket. This does apply to foreigners who are residing in Singapore legally. Those who are outside Singapore, however, will have no option for buying Sweep tickets.

Are There Other Changes?

Apart from the new customization opportunities and the joint Sweep/4D tickets, the rules of the game will remain unchanged in 2019.

The most significant change is that tickets used to be pre-printed before and they will now be printed on demand. Getting to choose some of the seven digits is also a vast improvement over the previous format.

The rules of the game, the date of the drawing and the prizes are still the same. Information about these, as well as about the Sweep ticket results, can be found on the Singapore Pools website as soon as the respective monthly drawing takes place.

As you can see, Sweep tickets Singapore are pretty easy to buy. While there aren’t online or smartphone-based ticket acquisition options at the time being, Singapore Pools is enhancing their services all the time. The chances are that some exciting innovations are to be anticipated in the future.

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