SWEEP Results 2018

2018 marks an important milestone for Singapore Sweep – the raffle’s 50th anniversary will occur this year. As a result, special drawings and additional initiatives will be carried out to commemorate the important achievement.

If you are playing Singapore Sweep in 2018 and you need reliable drawing results, Rush Results has everything that you’re looking for.

What Is the Singapore Sweep 2018 Results Archive?

As the name suggests, this is a database containing information about all of the Singapore Sweep drawings that have occurred through the year.

Singapore Sweep drawings take place every first Wednesday of the month. As soon as the official results are announced, the Rush Results team makes them available on this page. Whether you want to find out if you’ve won anything or you are looking for an archive for research purposes, you will find it on Rush Results.

All that you have to do is choose the drawing’s date from the drop-down menu. When you do, you will get information about the winning tickets and the prize tier each one belongs to – from the top prize to the lowest prize tier.

How Much Do You Know about Singapore Sweep?

Learning a bit more about a lottery or a raffle can make you a much more efficient player. Often, lottery enthusiasts aren’t aware of all the rules and the opportunities, which deprives them of chances to win.

Rush Results contains detailed information about Singapore Sweep. Singapore Sweep is the only raffle-style game that is officially organized. It has been around for decades and its popularity has remained high regardless of the passage of time.

The Singapore Sweep overview outlines the history, the rules, the odds, and the prize tiers. It’s an excellent resource for newbies.

In addition, Rush Results features detailed overviews and result pages for the other two official lotteries in Singapore – 4D and Toto. The archives go back to 2014 and they’re organized in a similar manner to make the retrieval of information easier.

New information is provided as soon as it becomes available. If you’re committed to Singapore Sweep, as well as the Singapore lotteries, bookmark Rush Results right now.

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