SWEEP Results 2017

Singapore Sweep’s history goes back a long time. If you’re doing some research or you’d like to come up with a strategy for winning the raffle, you should definitely check out the Singapore Sweep results. Rush Results is dedicated to simplifying the task for you.

This page will present you with the 2017 Singapore Sweep results archive. Here’s what you’ll find on the page.

What the 2017 Singapore Sweep Results Archive Features

As the name of the page suggests, it will acquaint you with the results for all of the Singapore Sweep drawings that occurred in 2017.

For a long time, the Singapore Sweep drawing has been taking place every first Wednesday of the month. To check the information for the 2017 drawings that you’re interested in, you will simply have to pick the drawing date from the drop-down menu.

Rush Results will give you the winning ticket combinations for the drawing, as well as the prize tiers each one belongs to. Singapore Sweep is known for the multiple prize tiers that range from the top amount of 2.3 million dollars that one player wins each time to the lowest amount of six dollars that numerous players will claim.

The results archives for 2015, 2016 and 2018 are organized in a similar manner. If you need to carry out more thorough research, just head to these Rush Results pages when you are done with the Singapore Sweep 2017 archive.

A Lot More about Singapore Sweep: Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

While Rush Results is a website committed mainly to providing information about the latest Singapore lottery and raffle results, you’ll find a lot more here.

If you don’t know what Singapore Sweep is or how to play, head over to the raffle presentation. It will give you answers to questions like when was Singapore Sweep first organized, what are the most important rules, how to win and how to claim the prizes you’ve won.

Similar pages are available about the other two official lotteries in Singapore – Toto, and 4D.

All of the information is contemporary, accurate and reliable. It is our main priority to maintain an excellent source of data that will be modified as soon as a lottery change occurs in Singapore.

Do not hesitate to look around and browse through the pages. If you want to, you can also have some fun with our most practical tool – the lottery number predictor.

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