SWEEP Results 2016

Welcome to the Singapore Sweep 2016 results archive. Rush Results is a comprehensive database for information pertaining to Singapore’s lotteries and raffles. This is why the archive provides comprehensive information about Singapore Sweep, Toto, and 4D drawings.

How to Use the 2016 Singapore Sweep Archive

We have worked hard to make the Singapore Sweep results readily accessible. The archive is easy to use and to retrieve information from. You will simply need to choose the year that you’re interested in from the main category page. When there, select the exact date drawing.

The Singapore Sweep 2016 results archive features both the raffle ticket numbers drawn and the prize tiers each one belongs to.

Singapore Sweep is a raffle-style game. This is the main reason why players cannot choose their own numbers. Still, getting at least some idea about the ticket digits that have contributed to awards in 2016 could simplify the process of choosing the right Singapore Sweep ticket today.

The 2016 archive is just a small part of what the Rush Results database has to offer. When you’re done with it, you can look for additional information in 2015, 2017 and 2018 archives.

All of Your Questions About Singapore Sweep Answered

Singapore Sweep is the only raffle-style game in Singapore. It has a long, well-established history. Today, Singapore sweep offers a top prize of 2.3 million dollars. With additional prizes in the range from 500,000 to six dollars, Singapore Sweep enjoys an excellent reputation today, just like it did through the years.

If you are making your first steps in the world of Singapore Sweep, you may feel a bit hesitant. This is especially true for people who have never played raffle-style lotteries in the past. Rush Results is the place where you will find detailed information about Singapore Sweep, how it’s played, what the awards are and how you can claim a prize.

This information is contained in the introduction to Singapore Sweep. Once you acquaint yourself with the essentials, you can go through the 2016 archive and the other archive pages to learn a bit more about the prizes and the ticket numbers that can potentially improve your odds of winning.

Singapore Sweep is certainly worth a try. It’s simple, it’s fun, there are guaranteed prizes and various award tiers. We are committed to featuring detailed, accurate information. Data about the latest drawings are updated as soon as these occur and added to the Rush Results archive.

In case you’re not 100 percent sure that Sweep is the right option for you, please explore our 4D and Toto pages. They will acquaint you with the lotteries in Singapore and with the results from the drawings that have occurred over the past four years.

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