SWEEP Results 2015

Singapore Sweep is Singapore’s only raffle-style lottery. This is the one feature that makes it somewhat different from 4D and Toto – the two national lotteries.

To play Singapore Sweep, you’ll simply need to buy a ticket and check whether the numerical combination on yours entitled you to at least one of the numerous prizes.

If you’re making your first steps in the world of Singapore Sweep and you’re currently doing research, our archive will come in handy. This page is dedicated to the 2015 Singapore Sweep results. It will give you detailed information about every single drawing.

How the 2015 Singapore Sweep Results Archive Works

All that you have to do is opt for the respective 2015 date that you’re looking for. Rush Results will display information about the numbers drawn for the respective date. They will be organized on the basis of prize tier for additional convenience.

Singapore Sweep has three main prizes and six tiers of additional, smaller prizes. The main prize of 2.3 million dollars is won by one player. The second prize is 500,000 dollars and it’s also allocated to one ticket owner. The third prize is 250,000 dollars.

Lower prize tiers come with multiple winners per division. These prizes come in the range from 10,000 Singapore dollars (there are 10 such prizes per drawing) to 6 dollars (there are 315,000 such prizes per drawing).

Extensive Singapore Sweep Information You Can Rely on

Our Singapore Sweep results archive provides detailed information you can use for statistical purposes. Which tickets have won the big prizes? Which tickets have won the small prizes? Is it possible to come up with trends or numerical combinations for the purpose of increasing your odds of winning? These questions will be much easier to answer when you consult the Singapore Sweep Rush Results archive.

In addition, the website provides extensive information about the nature of Singapore Sweep, the rules and the prize tiers. It also highlights the two lotteries – 4D and Toto. In a sense, this is your one-stop-shop for Singapore lottery and raffle information.

Please do not hesitate to explore the different sections, as well as the entire archive. Organized by year and by date for convenience, the Singapore Sweep archive is readily accessible and completely at your disposal.

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