Singapore Pools 4D (abbreviated from four digits) is a popular game in Singapore. A similar one is available in Malaysia and Germany under a different name. The format is a bit different from those of standard numerical matrix lotteries, and this also has an impact on the prizes that winners can claim.

Regarding 4D history, the first ticket was sold in May 1986. This was also the time when Singapore Pool introduced an innovative computerized system for accepting bets. The 4D concept, however, dates back earlier. The Singapore Turf Club (a sporting club that was established in 1842) introduced 4D back in 1966. The top prize was 2,000 Singapore dollars against a bet of 1 dollar. The game was discontinued when Singapore Pools took over and started offering the same opportunity.

Ever since, the Singapore Pools 4D drawings have been taking place three times per week – on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

4D How to Play

To play Singapore 4D, a person has to choose a 4-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. The minimum bet per game participation is 1 Singapore dollar. In every drawing, there will be 23 sets of winning numbers chosen. These numbers are divided among 5 distinctive prize categories. Anyone who has placed a bet on the respective 4-digit number will claim a prize.

There are several bet possibilities, which makes 4D in Singapore somewhat different from other lotteries and a bit more confusing.

A small bet allows players to win a prize only if their number appears in the top 3 winning categories. A big bet allows the player to claim a prize when their number appears in any of the 5 prize categories for the respective drawing.

Other than the big and the small bet, there are also ordinary and system entries. In the case of a regular entry, the player will win if their number matches the winning number in the same order. Through a system entry, a player can choose a bigger number of combinations. This increases the odds of claiming a prize, but the entry becomes more expensive. For a system entry, a player will have to play 24 Singapore dollars for the 24 possible combinations that will be created out of 4 digits chosen.

Tickets for 4D, as well as the other lotteries being offered by Singapore Pools can be purchased at one of the over 300 retail venues or via the official Singapore Pools lottery website. Betting by phone is another convenient possibility.

Keep in mind that it’s possible for specific numbers to sell out for the respective drawing. There is a limit as to the number of times a 4-digit combination can be chosen. If this ever happens, the player will be informed (either at the retail venue or via the online platform), and they will be asked to choose an alternative 4-digit number.

A bet amount can also reach a sales limit for the draw. In this case, the player will have to place a different bet to participate.

4D Prize Calculator

Singapore 4D comes with excellent odds of winning the top prize – 1 in 10,000. As already mentioned, the amount itself will depend both on the bet amount that the player has chosen and the type of bet itself. The following chart will present some of the most common scenarios and the amounts that players can expect.

The chart presents the potential earnings for a one-dollar bet:

Prize Tier Big Bet Prize Small Bet Prize
1 S$2,000 S$3,000
2 S$1,000 S$2,000
3 S$490 S$800
4 S$250 N/A
5 S$60 N/A

A bigger bet amount will result in a higher prize.

It’s challenging to find reliable information about the biggest prize that has been handed out in the history of Singapore Pools 4D. Some unofficial reports claim that the amount exceeds 100,000 dollars for the top small bet.

The odds of winning the second and the third prize are the same as those for the top prize – 1 in 10,000. The odds of winning the fourth and fifth prizes are 1 in 1,000. The overall odds of claiming any of the Singapore Pools 4D prizes are 1 in 435.

If you have bought a Singapore Pools 4D ticket, but you don’t know whether you have won anything, you can rely on the official prize calculator to enter information about your digits and find out whether you’re entitled to any prize.

Because Singapore does not impose income taxes on lottery prizes, the players will claim the exact amount that is being advertised. All prizes will be paid out in the form of a cash lump sum.

How to Check Past 4D Results?

Here on Rush Results, you can also check the past 4D results along with the latest ones. You can do it by opening a checkbox at the top of this page or by using these quick links: 4D results for 2014, 4D results for 2015, 4D results for 2016, 4D results for 2017, 4D results for 2018.

What Time 4D Results Come Out?

Singapore Pools 4D results become available on Rush Results right after the official draw ends. 4D draws take place every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6.30 p.m. (SGT).

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