4D Results 2018

Welcome to the Singapore 4D results page for 2018 – your one-stop-shop to all of the information you need about the lottery drawings that have occurred through the year.

What Will I Find Here?

The answer is simple –you will get detailed information about all of the Singapore 4D drawings that have occurred through the year. To access relevant information for a 2018 drawing, you’ll simply need to choose the date on which it has occurred. The Rush Results page will give you all of the four-digit numbers that have contributed to a prize for the drawing.

It’s our primary responsibility to give our website visitors accurate and timely updated information. This is why a new entry will be added to the archive as soon as the new drawing takes place.

Rush Results is a resource that acquaints players with the most popular Singaporean lotteries – 4D and Toto. Thus, we’ve put together an extensive archive. The results go as far back as 2014. A similar archive is also available for the Singapore Toto results.

Useful Tools, Happy Players

The Singapore 4D 2018 results archive isn’t the only useful tool that you’ll get access to as a Rush Results visitor.

In order to get a better idea of the most popular lottery in Singapore, you can also go to the 4D review. There, you’ll be acquainted with the history of 4D, the rules and the best ways to play the lottery.

The website also features a calculator and a prediction tool.

The calculator can be used to input information about a four-digit number and a drawing for which the ticket was bought. Based on this information, the calculator will return an entry as to whether the respective ticket has won anything.

Finally, the Rush Results 4D prediction tool is a fun little feature that will predict possible winning numbers for an upcoming 4D drawing. The prediction is based on hot and cold numbers – something that you can check on your own by going through the 4D 2018 archive, as well as the results for the previous years.

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