4D Results 2016

The first 4D ticket was sold in Singapore in 1986. Ever since the game has become the most popular one in the country. There are several reasons why. For a start, the format differs from that of other lotteries. In addition, bet flexibility exists. A player isn’t limited by a certain ticket price, which adds to the excitement even further.

What Does Singapore 4D Results Page for 2016 Offer?

Singapore 4D doesn’t come with standard drawings. Rather, a player has to choose a number in the range from 0000 to 9999. A certain number is drawn for the first prize, another one is representative for the second prize and so on.

The Rush Results archive page for 2016 presents the 4D numbers drawn for every single drawing that occurred during the year.

All that you have to do to access the information is choose the date of the drawing. When you do, you will get the information for the first prize number, the second prize number, the third prize number and the four-digit numbers that have contributed to the smaller prizes.

Using the Archive Page to Your Advantage

Unless you play with one and the same four-digit number every single time, you know that strategy can be utilized to improve your Singapore 4D odds.

Experienced lottery players often use hot and cold numbers to make the most of every single opportunity.

A hot number is the one that is being drawn often. It appears in the winning numerical combination much more frequently than others. This phenomenon defies the laws of statistics. According to odds theory, every number has the same odds of being drawn. In real life, however, things don’t always work out this way.

By tracking the Singapore 4D results through the years, you can easily pinpoint the hot and the cold numbers. Even better – you can come up with sequences and combinations that can potentially improve your odds of winning.

Please do not hesitate to use our 4D 2016 results page, as well as the other tools that Rush Results makes available. These are at your disposal to increase your knowledge of the game, improve your odds and help you have a lot more fun each time you decide to play.

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