Singapore Pools Toto is the second most popular lottery in the country, and it’s outperformed only by 4-Digits (4D). The average monthly bet for Toto players is 48 Singapore dollars (35.7 US dollars), which shows just how prominent a role this lottery plays. The game was launched back in 1968, which makes it the longest-running in Singapore. Ever since it has become a national favorite and its popularity has grown outside the boundaries of Singapore.

The lottery has some characteristics that make it so attractive. For a start, there are two drawings per week – on Monday and Thursday. Also, the ticket price is quite low while some of the potential prizes are pretty attractive. In 1981, the structure of Toto changed. Previously, the jackpot did not roll over if there was no winner. Eventually, the so-called “snowballing” was introduced. It applies to the jackpot and the higher prize tiers. Through snowballing, prizes can reach pretty hefty amounts if a couple of weeks go by without a winner.

Another format change occurred in 1989. Previously, Toto was a 5 out of 49 game. The change necessitated it for players to guess 6 numbers from a pool of 42 to claim the jackpot. Because an additional number was added, the prize pool for the top award was also increased. The current 6/49 format was introduced in October 2014. The minimum guaranteed jackpot was also increased to the current level.

Toto How to Play

Singapore Pools Toto rules are pretty straightforward. Toto result Singapore are always available on Rush Results.

There’s a minimum ticket price of 1 Singapore dollar. Singapore Pools Toto also allows for systems to be played. Systems consist of a bigger set of numbers, which can potentially increase the odds of winning and also enable players to claim multiple prizes. The number range starts at 1 and goes up to 49. Players have to pick at least 6 numbers in the range. An additional number will also have to be chosen. In order to win any prize, players have to match at least 3 numbers to the ones drawn.

The smallest system consists of 7 numbers. The cost is 7 dollars. A system of 12 will cost 924 dollars to play, but it is the one that features the best possible odds of claiming prizes.

Apart from the standard gameplay option, Singapore Pools also has an opportunity known as Group Toto. In essence, Group Toto allows for syndicates to join forces together, buy a bigger number of tickets and split any eventual prize won by the group.

To participate in Group Toto, each player has to place a bet of at least 7 dollars. The ticket slip needs to have Group Toto marked on it for the bet to be valid. Once the option is checked and validated, the buyer will have to let the retail venue representative what a number of tickets are to be printed.

Toto SGP Results and Prize Calculator

The biggest prize in Singapore Pools Toto is the jackpot. It will be won by the player that matches all 6 main numbers for the respective drawing. Thirty-eight percent of the prize pool for the respective drawing will be dedicated to the top award. There is also a minimum guaranteed Singapore Pools Toto jackpot of 1 million Singapore dollars.

The odds of claiming the jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816.

Singapore’s Toto had its biggest jackpot to date, fall in February 2016. By the time, the sum had reached 13.943 million Singapore dollars (approximately 10.4 million US dollars). Two people had guessed the correct numerical combination. Each one of them claimed 6.971 million dollars because Singapore does not impose taxes on lottery prizes.

The biggest jackpot claimed by a single Singapore Pools Toto player is 9.55 million dollars, and the sum fell in February 2016, as well (what are the odds, right?).

Here’s a chart that presents the Toto prize structure and the numbers you need to guess to claim each:

Prize Tier Numbers to Match Award
1 (jackpot) 6 At least S$1,000,000
2 5 + 1 8% of the prize pool
3 5 5.5% of the prize pool
4 4 + 1 3% of the prize pool
5 4 S$50
6 3 + 1 S$25
7 3 S$10

As you can see, the second, third and fourth prize tiers aren’t fixed. A certain percentage of the overall prize fund will be dedicated to those. This means that the number of winners in each prize tier and the number of tickets sold for the respective drawing will be determining for the amount that each winner is going to take home.

Rollovers apply to prizes in all of the prize tiers that aren’t fixed – 1, 2, 3 and 4. As per the current rules, the jackpot will roll over only four times. If there’s still no winner, a so-called “cascade” drawing will take place. This means that if there’s still no jackpot winner, the sum will roll down to the next prize tier that features a winner. Thus, a person that has 5 main numbers and 1 additional number correct could potentially claim the jackpot amount if nobody has guessed 6 numbers for the respective drawing.

There are no limits about the number of rollovers that can apply to the second, third and fourth prize tiers. Thus, on occasions, these prizes can get to be quite attractive.

If you have a winning ticket or you’re wondering whether you’ve won something, there’s an official Singapore Toto calculator that will help you find out whether you can claim a sum for the respective drawing.

What Time Toto Result Release?

On Rush Results, you can check Toto result today, the past Toto results and winning numbers, including Toto result 2017.

Singapore Pools Toto results appear on Rush Results right after the official draw ends. Toto draws take place every Monday and Thursday at 6.30 p.m. (SGT).

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