How to Buy Toto Tickets in Singapore

Singapore’s Toto is a famous and beloved lottery. It’s been around since 1968 as a part of the Singapore Pools only legalized lotto option.

To play Toto, you have to choose six numbers in the range from one to 49. For a win, you need to match all six numbers to the ones drawn on the respective date. Singapore Toto drawings take place each Monday and Thursday, giving players two weekly chances to score a prize.

If you’re new into this world, you may be wondering how to buy Toto tickets.

How much does a Toto ticket cost? Can you acquire one online? Where to buy Toto tickets in Singapore? If you’re a foreigner, can you still participate in the local lottery? The following guide will try to answer all of these important questions about getting your Toto tickets.

Toto Ticket Cost and Other Considerations

Before moving on to discussing where to buy Toto tickets, let’s take a look at the financial side of things.

A single Toto ticket that features one set of six numbers will cost you one dollar. This is the standard entry and the one that most people will go for.

If you want to increase your odds of winning a prize, however, you should be prepared to spend more.

The cost of a system bet Toto ticket is higher because of the odds of claiming a prize increase. A system consists of more than six numbers, giving you a chance to play multiple six-number combinations. The smallest system of seven costs seven dollars. The most extensive system consists of 12 numbers, and the cost is 924 Singaporean dollars.

So, to determine how much does a Toto ticket cost, you will first have to decide what bet you’d like to place. If you’re a first time player, trying the standard bet that costs one dollar may be the smartest idea.

Buying a Toto Ticket at a Retail Outlet

Let’s answer the question where to buy Toto tickets in Singapore.

Singapore Pools has a well-established network of retail venues. You will just have to visit one of these locations to buy a ticket.

Next comes the question of how to buy Toto tickets at the retail outlet.

You will be given a blank ticket, and you’ll need to mark your six numbers on the slip. You can place the numbers for one drawing, two or four drawings.

The play slip also gives you a chance to place a system bet. To do so, you’ll have to put a checkmark next to the type of system you’d like to play (for example, a system of nine). Next, mark nine numbers on the ticket, and you’re ready to go.

At the retail outlet, you can also have a lucky pick ticket created for you. The lucky pick ticket features numbers that have randomly been assigned by the software. If you don’t have lucky numbers that you’d like to test out, a lucky pick may be a good choice for you.

Once you submit the slip, you’ll have to pay, and you’ll be issued a final Toto ticket. Always check the ticket you receive to make sure it features the numbers you want to play, the number of draws you’ve chosen and the additional important details. If everything’s fine, you can sign the back of the ticket and keep it to review the results once the drawing takes place.

Buying Toto Tickets Online

Toto tickets can be acquired in two additional ways. If you don’t feel like going to a retail outlet, you can order your Toto tickets either online or by phone. Both of these options are official and developed by Singapore pools, so you have nothing to worry about.

To place a Toto bet online, you will need to visit A profile will have to be created to get your online tickets. To create an account, you will have to enter either your NRIC number or FIN (foreign identification number for people who are residing legally on the territory of Singapore).

Once you have an account, choose Toto from the homepage navigation. You will be taken to a separate page that enables you to place your Toto bet.

Next, select the bet type – ordinary, system or system roll. A quick (lucky) pick option is also available.

After the completion of this step, you can choose your Toto numbers and finalize the ticket creation. Before placing the bet, you will have to pinpoint the date that you want to get the ticket for.

You can choose up to 10 different numerical combinations each time you decide to buy a ticket online.

To pay for the online ticket, you will have to place funds in your account. You can accomplish the goal in five different ways – through the online eNETS system, through the purchase of a top-up card at a retail venue, by phone, via a cash deposit at the Singapore Pools branches or via a bank transfer.

Depending on the deposit method that you choose, some fees may be applied to the amount.

In the event of winning, money will be deposited in your online account. You can withdraw the sum either to your bank account or through a visit to a Singapore Pools retail outlet.

A final thing we’d like to mention is that the system can be used in the territory of Singapore. If you are a player in another country and you’d want to buy Singapore Toto tickets, you’ll have no such opportunity. At the time being, Singapore Toto tickets are not sold by international online lottery agents.

How to Buy Toto Tickets by Phone?

If you’re still wondering where to buy Toto tickets and Singapore and how we have one final choice for you.

Singapore Pools enables the purchase of Toto tickets by phone.

To make a phone bet, you will need to call 6212-0039. The lottery betting line has a working time from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. every single day. Thus, if you’d like to know when do Toto tickets go on sale, the answer is that such a time doesn’t exist. Toto tickets can be acquired all the time and up to the minutes before the particular drawing takes place. If you place your bet later than that, your numbers will be entered for the next drawing.

Those who want to place a bet by the call can finalize up to three transactions at the same time.

For an ordinary bet, only a quick pick option is available by phone. When system bets are placed, the player can choose between a quick pick and ordinary self-selection of the numbers. This information will have to be provided to the operator.

It is also possible to set up a Toto subscription by phone. If you do so, you will get tickets for ten consecutive drawings. Calling the Toto line will give you a chance to listen to detailed instructions about how to sign up for a Toto subscription. Such information is also available via the official Singapore Pools website.

A Toto subscription that has been set up by phone can be canceled via a call or by visiting the online ticket buying platform.

Singapore Pools has a separate telephone line you can use to get your transactional history. If you want to get more information about your past bets, you will have to call 6786-6688.

To collect your winnings if you place a bet by phone, you will need to create an account through the online portal. This way, all of the money that you win from the Singapore Toto will be credited to your account.

These are the three main ways to buy Toto tickets. If you’re still wondering where to buy Toto tickets, visit the Singapore Pools website – it provides detailed information about the locations of all the retail venues. If you don’t want to get your tickets online or by phone, you can locate the nearest outlet and visit it. Good luck!

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