TOTO Results 2016

Are you looking for accurate, reliable and frequently updated information about Singapore Toto drawings and their results? Do you need to check a particular 2016 drawing or the numbers that have appeared among the winning ones most often? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is the Singapore Toto 2016 Results Archive?

Rush Results is a website dedicated to giving you comprehensive information about the most popular lotteries in Singapore – Toto, and 4D. Apart from having detailed lottery reviews, we have also put together archive pages.

This particular archive is dedicated to the Toto drawings that occurred in 2016. Toto has two drawings per week and this archive features a list of the winning numbers for every single one. In addition, the archive results also provide information about the respective jackpot that had accumulated for the particular drawing.

Because we believe that our visitors deserve the best of information, Rush Results gladly features Singapore Toto archives for 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018.

Using the Toto Archive Information Like a Pro

Now that you’ve reached this page you’re probably wondering how the archive information can help you. What is it that you can do with the historical reference? Will the numbers make it easier for you to win in the future?

Lotto experts know that numerical analysis can be quite beneficial when it comes to picking numbers. Unless you go for random numbers or you play with the same ones every single time, an archive can come in quite handy.

The Rush Results Singapore Toto archive will make it incredibly easy for you to pinpoint hot and cold numbers. If you have advanced statistical skills, you can also identify sequences and other trends that will increase your odds of picking winning numbers.

That’s Not All!

The Singapore Toto archives are just a small portion of what we have to offer.

Rush Results offers detailed information about Singapore 4D, a lottery predictions page and a useful calculator. Please do not hesitate to rely on these features – they will definitely make your Singapore lottery experiences more fun and potentially more profitable.

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