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Are you interested in lotteries coming from Singapore? If so, you may have heard about Singapore Pools – the lottery Singapore provider. The entity has been around since 1986, and it has a pretty exciting history. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the most prominent questions about Singapore Pools, attempting to provide comprehensive and accurate answers.

What Is Singapore Pools and Is a Singapore Lottery Worth a Try?

Singapore Pools is a lottery company that’s state-owned. It was set up in 1968, and its primary function was to eradicate illegal betting through the provision of a legitimate alternative.

The company is under the full ownership of the Tote Board – an entity that must report to the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Social and Family Development both have a responsibility to craft regulations that focus on the functioning of Singapore Pools and the provision of its services.

What Lotteries Does SG Pools Offer?

Currently, Singapore Pools has four entries in its portfolio – Toto, 4D, The Singapore Pool Sweep, and sports betting possibilities.

Toto is a standard 6/49 game. It is the second most popular game in Singapore and its performance as far as sales go is outranked only by 4D. Toto is also the oldest Singapore lottery that was launched back in 1968.

Toto has two drawings per week and a very low ticket prize. Both of these characteristics determine its popularity. Also, the game comes with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of one million Singapore dollars. If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, the sum will roll over towards the next one.

4D is the second longest running lottery in Singapore and the most popular one. It was launched one year after Toto. To play, a person has to choose a four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. Since the lottery comes with bet flexibility and some options, it appeals to those interested in testing out their luck.

Besides, 4D comes with excellent odds. The chance of claiming the top prize is 1 in 10,000. No other national lottery comes with similar favorable odds. The good Singapore Pool odds are yet another reason why the prominence of the local lotteries has been growing so much over the years.

The third entry in the Singapore Pools portfolio is Singapore Sweep. Launched in 1969, this is a seven-digit sweepstake-style game. There are 3.5 million pre-printed tickets for sale, and each one costs 3 Singapore dollars. Prizes come in the range from 2.3 million dollars to 1,000 dollars. To win, players have to have a ticket that matches one of the 133 winning combinations drawn.

Finally, Singapore Pools is responsible for sports betting – something that it has done ever since its inauguration. Football and motor racing bets are the two possibilities that individuals interested in testing their luck this way can try.

Singapore Poo results are available via the official website of the organization. If you’re interested in the latest drawing outcome and you’ve missed it live, this is the place to check. Singapore lottery result information can also be found on an array of websites. The same applies to the Singapore Sweep results.

What Have Singapore Pools Accomplished Through the Years?

Apart from distributing lottery tickets and providing legal sports betting opportunities, Singapore Pools is an entity aimed at boosting social responsibility. The organization has carried out various campaigns through the years, and it has also accomplished multiple milestones.

In 1969, Singapore Pools launched its lotteries and sweepstakes to generate sufficient funds for the construction of a sports stadium. Through the launch of a game called Big Sweep, Singapore Pools managed to contribute 14.5 million dollars towards the development of the first national stadium.

Such initiatives continued through the years. In 1986, Singapore pools contributed 45 million dollars towards the construction of the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Today, Singapore Pools makes various donations through the Tote Board. The funds go towards athletic, educational, health and charitable initiatives. Over 10 years ending in 2017, Tote Board Group has contributed over six billion Singapore dollars towards such charitable and national development causes.

Is SGP Pools a Legitimate Entity to Trust?

Singapore Pools is a 100-percent legitimate entity. Laws are regulating its functioning and ministries responsible for both the fair execution of lotteries and the adequate distribution of generated funds.

Recently, Singapore Pools has announced through its official websites that there have been both imposters and scammers trying to use the brand for their malicious purposes. Singapore Pools has worked hard to bring such sites down and ensure the security of individuals interested in lotteries and sports betting.

One thing to keep in mind is that legitimate lotteries will never attempt contacting players or random people. Whenever offers or prize notices are received via email, phone or social media chat, the chances are that a scam is concerned.

Anyone who receives such information should consider contacting Singapore Pools at (66) 6786-66-88.

Does Singapore Pools Offer Online Gaming Options?

Over the years, Singapore Pools worked on increasing the size of its distribution network via authorized retail venues. There were certain restrictions, however, about the provision of ticket buying opportunities online.

Luckily, things have changed, and such change became possible through the approval of new regulations.

In 2016, the Ministry of Home Affairs, one of the entities responsible for the regulation of Singapore Pools, announced that an exemption would be granted to the organization concerning The Remote Gambling Act of 2014.

Through this exemption, Singapore Pools was given a chance to begin offering its games like Toto and 4D online.

Today, players in Singapore can easily buy their tickets online via the official Singapore Pools website. A simple registration process will have to be completed for the remote acquisition of a lottery ticket to occur.

How About Singapore Sports Betting?

Both football and motor racing sports betting options are available in Singapore today. Through the Singapore Pools website, a live betting possibility is present for players to try out.

Multiple betting options are available for different events. Double, treble and four-fold bets are just three examples. The rules and regulations, as well as the multiple ways to bet on an event, are presented in a detailed set of rules. All players should acquaint themselves with such information before getting started.

In essence, a player has to make a prediction that will come true for the respective event to win. Odds are offered for every single selection. The odds will be used to, later on, determine the winning amount for the respective bet.

Singapore sports betting is pretty much similar to regulated, legal options available in other countries. Players who have tried football betting abroad will pretty much know what to do.

Do You Have More Information on Singapore Sweep?

Singapore Sweep is the final entry in the portfolio of Singapore Pools and 2018, it will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. Because of this fact, Singapore Pools will be offering some special drawings and prizes. Checking the official Singapore Pools website for the official announcement about special drawings is undoubtedly a good idea.

Singapore Sweeps drawings occur on a monthly basis, every first Wednesday of the month. Tickets, however, cannot be bought digitally. Anyone who is interested in testing their luck in this sweepstake will have to get a ticket either from an authorized retail venue or a Singapore Pools outlet. A list of all of the authorized venues is official via the official Singapore Pools website.

Originally, Singapore Sweep had a ticket price of one dollar and a top prize of 600,000 dollars. This changed several times through the years. In 1982, the top prize became one million dollars, and the cost of the ticket increased to two dollars. In 2004, the first prize became two million Singaporean dollars. A final change occurred in 2013 when the top prize grew to 2.3 million dollars.

Unlike the lotteries (4D and Toto), Singapore Sweep does not feature progressive prizes. They are fixed and announced in advance. The first, second and third prizes are handed to just one ticket holder. The fourth prize is 10,000 dollars, and it’s handed to 10 players. The smallest prize is available for 50 tickets, and it is 1,000 Singaporean dollars.

Are There Special Drawings and Prizes to Look Forward?

Apart from the standard opportunities that it offers, Singapore Pools has the right to organize special games and special drawings for certain occasions.

In December 2017, for example, the organization announced that it would be holding a special New Year’s Eve Toto draw. The drawing was scheduled to take place on January 5, 2018, and it featured a celebratory jackpot of five million dollars.

This isn’t the first time that Singapore Pools has organized such a special option for lottery enthusiasts. The New Year’s Eve drawing in 2014 was so popular that all of the authorized retail venues had to deal with massive queues, regardless of extended working hours.

If you are one of the players interested in larger prizes and special drawings, keep on checking for official announcements that provide information about upcoming celebratory drawings.

Where Can You Find Singapore Pools Result Information?

Whether you need the Singapore Sweep latest result or more information about Toto and 4D drawings, there are various reliable sources to check.

Singapore Sweep results and other Singapore Pool results are available not only on the official website of the organization but on Rush Results also. We offer the past and the latest Toto and 4D results.

The Sweep result Singapore becomes available every first Wednesday of the month. For 4D, drawings occur weekly on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Toto drawings take place on Monday and Thursday.

The official Singapore Pools website will also give you essential information about the specific amounts won, number of winners, prize claims, and tax on lottery winnings Singapore.

Singapore Pool Online: Is That an Option?

A final question that will have to be answered is whether Singapore pool online betting and lotteries are available.

The answer is affirmative. Online lottery Singapore is possible via the Singapore Pools website. Online lottery in Singapore became an option after legislative changes, but you will have to be a local to make use of the opportunity.

As far as international players abroad go, such options aren’t available yet. You have to be on the territory of Singapore to make use of the online ticket purchase and betting options.

It’s easy to see that Singapore Pools has a long and well-established history. Few national lottery organizations compare to its longevity and the commitment to supporting good causes. One thing is sure – both the lotteries and the sports betting options are worth a try. Many have found out through the years that Singapore Pools is serious about paying out prizes and creating Singapore’s newest millionaires.

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