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Have you ever tried Singapore sports betting? Are you interested in it? If so, you’ll be happy to find out that a legitimate opportunity does exist and Singapore Pools is providing this legitimate opportunity.

What Is Singapore Pools Betting?

Singapore Pools live betting is a legitimate opportunity to predict the outcome of sports events (at the time, football and motor racing competitions) for a chance to win a prize. Online sports betting Singapore is possible through the official Singapore Pools website.

Singapore Pools is the entity that regulates betting, lotteries, and sweepstakes. It was established in 1968, which means that the organization will get to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2018. Sports betting was added to the portfolio of Singapore Pools in 1999, and it has been going strong ever since.

Initially, offline opportunities were available. With regulatory changes and technology advancements, Singapore Pool online betting became an option. Live betting is possible through the organization’s website on selected events. The site provides detailed information about the event, statistics, and odds to enable enthusiasts to place a successful bet.

Is Singapore Online Betting Legal?

Online betting is legal in Singapore, as long as you set up your Singapore pools betting account and you refrain from looking for alternative channels. As already mentioned, the organization is the only one that has the right, and that makes online betting Singapore legal.

The betting act and the Common Gaming Houses Act are two local pieces of legislature that impact the legality and determine the conditions of sports betting.

Legislative changes have occurred through the years, but the most important breakthrough came in September 2016. This is when the Ministry of Home Affairs, one of the official entities responsible for overseeing the activities of Singapore Pools, announced an exemption under the Remote Gambling Act of 2014.

This exception made it possible for Singapore Pools to begin offering online sports betting options, as well as the sale of the lottery (Toto and 4D) tickets. Ever since the exception was granted, Singapore Pools reworked its website to enable players remote participation.

Singapore Pools: Football and Motor Race Betting

Singapore Pools online betting currently consists of two options – football and motor race events. Let’s examine soccer betting Singapore first.

To get started with football online betting Singapore, players have to make a prediction for the bet type/market of their choice. To place the bet, it is first very important to examine the Singapore Pools soccer betting odds.

Singapore Pools football betting odds are available for every selection. The odds are used to determine what the payout for the respective bet is going to be. At the start of sales, Singapore Pools clients will be provided with opening odds. These could change during the football game itself based on odds being placed in favor of one outcome or the other.

Players can place bets whenever the odds become available. Live betting during the event is also a possibility that many opt for. A bet can be placed online, via a phone app or at one of the Singapore Pools outlets.

Motor racing bets follow a similar structure. They open whenever the odds become available. The opening odds may change along the way since live betting is also provided with motor racing events.

Singapore Betting

Types of Bets: How Many Options Out There?

If you have never done online betting Singapore Pools before, you may need some time to become accustomed to the types of bets and the relevant terminology. Learning how to read the Singapore Pools betting odds is also a big essential that will help you determine how much to bet and what payment to eventually expect.

The types of bets are different for football and for motor racing events. Let’s first explore some of the most common football bets available with online sports betting Singapore:

  • 1×2: this is a bet that a player places to predict the final result of the match. The options are three – either the home team will win, there’s going to be a tie or the guest team will win.
  • ½ goal: this is a bet in which the player will attempt to predict which team is going to win after the handicap is applied. In this case, one of the teams will begin with an advantage, while the second one will have a handicap disadvantage.
  • Halftime/full-time: the name says it all – the bet is the one in which a player attempts to predict both the halftime match results, as well as the fulltime outcome.
  • Pick the score fulltime: a Singapore Pools betting option in which the player picks a fulltime soccer game score out of 36 possibilities.
  • Total goals: the aim of the player is to predict the number of goals that will be scored, regardless of which team is responsible.
  • First goal scorer: the betting individual has to exactly predict the name of the football player who will be responsible for the first goal in the match.
  • Last goal scorer: same as in the case of the previous bet but the correct name is for the person who scores the last goal in the match.
  • Team to score the first goal
  • Total number of goals
  • Halftime result bet
  • Halftime PTS choice from 10 available selections
  • Total goals above or below a specific number
  • Team to score Xth goal
  • Team to score last

The final bet types are pretty self-explanatory, and there’s no need to elaborate. Depending on the specifics of the event, a few other football bets could be available. These include the name of the team that is going to win the respective championship and which team will qualify for a coming stage of a tournament.

For motor racing, the possible types of Singapore Pools bets include the following:

  • Race winner: choose the name of the driver who is going to win the entire race
  • To qualify in pole: predict the name of the driver who will be announced in the pole position after the end of the respective qualifying session.
  • Dual forecast: guess the name of the winner and the person who will qualify for the second position.
  • Top 3: same as the previous bet but the correct selection has to consist of the names of the top three drivers for the event.
  • Head to head (driver or team): the aim of the better is to predict the name of the driver or team with the higher finishing position at the end of the race or the one completing the most laps.
  • Fastest lap
  • Head to head (qualifying driver or team)

How Can Results be Checked?

If you have a Singapore Pools betting account, you will find information about completed events there. The website also features a special type that presents the latest sports events results for a certain period.

Collecting Singapore Pools Betting Prizes

The Singapore Pools account betting service makes it easy for players who choose the online option to collect their prizes in the aftermath of a sports event.

Keep in mind there are no transactional fees for bet placement or reductions in the sums being paid out to players. Some payment options may feature small fees (like NETS, for example) that players need to be mindful of when placing the respective amount and doing calculations about the prize to expect.

As soon as the results of the respective event become verified, Singapore Pools betting customers can request a payout. Online bet prizes are placed automatically in the player’s account, and they can be withdrawn through the use of a payment method of preference.

Whenever an offline bet is placed, the amount can be collected at an outlet upon the verification of the results. Sums that fall in the 5,000-dollar range will necessitate a visit to a Singapore Pools office. For larger amount, players will need to visit the main Singapore Pools office. The sum will be paid out in the form of a cheque.

Online Sports Betting in Singapore: Please be Mindful of What’s Legal and What’s Not!

Singapore Pool online betting on sports events is the sole option you can go for without worrying about legitimacy.

The Remote Gambling Act gives Singapore Pools the authority to establish an online betting and lottery ticket platform. Such rights have also been given to the Singapore Turf Club. No other entity can offer such possibilities. If you come across alternative Singapore sports betting platforms, you should always take them with a grain of salt.

Remote gambling takes place over the phone, via TV or radio. It is not legal unless you are utilizing a Singapore Pools option. Reliance on bookies is also illegal in Singapore.

Singaporeans should also know that placing bets on remote gambling websites based in another country is also illegal. After the Remote Gambling Act was passed, many of these websites became blocked. Even if the restriction is overcome in one way or another, it is still against the law to place sports bets on such platforms. It would be better to stick to the Singapore Pools opportunities and make sure that you’ll be paid the amount that you have won.

Additional information about the terms, the conditions, and the payouts are available on the official Singapore Pools website. Acquainting yourself with the laws and the regulations is also essential to keep yourself safe and to refrain from choosing possibilities that will eventually get you into trouble.

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